Hope & Life Conference Live Opener

I did the motion graphics portion of this video in After Effects using expressions and the Trapcode Sound Keys plugin to a temp track which the band played live to. Fun to see it come together live at this brand new Hope and Life conference for youth at Lakewood Church a couple weeks ago.

The edited shots of the pipe drummer were shot on a 5D the week before.

It was designed to coordinate live with the giant 40ft LED screen hoisting up from the floor revealing the “pipe drummer” behind the screen. It actually timed out better in rehearsal so I put the rehearsal clip on the lower right and the actual event on the upper right.

Apologize for the mix- its a combination of temp track, live feed and 5D (hence the handling noise early on, lol) mixed in FCPX.

I used Final Cut Pro X to sync up the clips using the new automatic synchronization (it worked), place them on the screen in boxes and added the canned FCPX titles just to see how the whole process worked with this new software. Since there is no multicam yet, I had to blade the clips and cut out holes on upper tracks (old school way)in a “compound clip”. I also used the share to Vimeo feature to complete the experience. The Share Monitor (FCPX version of Batch Monitor) said the upload failed, but when I checked Vimeo, it was there.

check my blog for more notes on FCPX as I post them.

Note, FCP7 and After Effects are my bread and butter (and thats what I used to create the video for the screen), but I do like some of the new features in X- just not ready for any big projects- at least for me yet….we shall see. Good test.