Technicolor and Superflat comparison on 5D Mark II

This is a quick and dirty, non-scientific comparison of the Technicolor and Superflat picture styles. While its not the same as raw or RGB capture, it certainly is a step in the right direction as it gives you more latitude to grade with in post. I’ve been using the “Superflat” picture style for a long time for everything I shoot, so I’m not comparing it to the standard or neutral settings built-in to the camera (I prefer NOT to do that as I just can’t get enough out of the blacks). Technicolor isn’t a huge change from superflat, very subtle at times, but it definitely gives you a slight lift in the shadows and what looks like a very tiny bit more room in the highlights (watch :42-:46). Also, it seems to handle flesh tones better (watch the guy closeup at :31) and doesn’t go as pinkish in the reds.

The other thing that is promising about Technicolor and Canon developing this is that now we have a standard style to apply to 5D Mark IIs when on a multicam shoot or when you are using someone else’s camera body. Yes, there are other manufacturing issues that can cause bodies not to match but this at least gets us closer than we were.

CineStyle was created by Technicolor color scientists and
engineers over the course of the last 12 months with the
cooperation of Canon U.S.A. Inc.

Bottom line is that I liked what I saw so far and hope to use on on all our future productions.

Tech notes:
I shot this in about 15 minutes and graded in another 10min in Color.
Nikkor 135mm AI lens (old manual)
ISO outside 125
ISO inside 1600
No filters or ND (so forgive my shutter over 1/50th:))
H.264 to ProresHQ conversion with MPEG Streamclip
Edited in FCP 7
Graded in Apple Color (where noted)
The 2nd half of the video is a repeat but without any grading.
Exported to H.264 for Vimeo.

Let me know what your results are, I’d love to hear.