Crazy camera support rigs at NAB 2011

Here’s a sample of some of the crazy cool camera dollies, jibs, sliders, and more I saw at NAB this week. Most are also crazy expensive, except one that was only $600, guess which one…


This was at the Movie Engineering booth- it’s built like a tank and looks FAST!






Yeah, thats a RED ONE under there.  It has full roll, pan and tilt once its airborne.

$6500/day includes the Red and three operators.  $3500/day for a smaller DSLR suitable model.



DC Slider Jib.

Matthews said they were shocked at how popular this was at the show- already sold out.

Its a combination slider/jib and built really well.  The Kessler is great, but if you need something even beefier and more flexible, look at this sweet piece of machinery.  It has a built in counterweight system that allows the head to stay put even when the track is at an extreme angle.  Its not really designed to do a track and jib move simultaneously- however, if you don’t mind a dutch angle and are really careful (maybe with someone helping on other end) you could do some pretty complex moves- almost Technocrane- style.

AND, there is a timelapse, motion control option for the slider.  What sets this rig apart is you can manually do a track move (start slow, speed up, slow down, etc. or whatever you want) and it will RECORD what you did and playback at different speeds!  Wow for this price-point.  Also, I could be wrong about this (I’m going on memory), but I believe it controlled the pan and tilt on the head as well.

$7500 for system (not including base tripod or head) , $2,000 additional for motorized package.



They’ve been around since last year, but still way cool.  Its really designed to work with Epic- they borrowed one from Red for the show(they are still waiting on theirs).



Go Pro Stereo 3D rig on an RC helicopter.

They can now do 3D just by adding a $100 housing to 2 Hero cameras.  Syncing is done through a special website.



JL Fischer jib on a Fischer 9 dolly.



For a fraction of the price of most others like this, all-aluminum construction from S. Korea.

They also had a $300 or $400 slider that was pretty slick.

Really nice guys too.

I don’t see this on their site yet, I think its shipping in a few months.