“Beautiful Things” Opener for Lakewood Church shot with Phantom Flex

New service open that is premiering this Easter weekend at Lakewood Church.

This was a very unique project for us as it was all shot with a special high speed camera called the Phantom Flex. Many shots are up to 2560 fps. The result is footage that, when played back at normal (24fps) speed, shows us motion that we normally don’t see (aka God Vision).
What better way to celebrate how God sees us when we become “New Creatures” in Jesus Christ! 2 Cor 5 17

Thank you to EVERYONE involved, the crew that worked tirelessly for days and nights – and CAST that donated their time so generously.

Beautiful Things by Gungor.

Used by permission.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1229990658 Graeme Sutherland

    Hi Dan.

    Love this vid :o ) Is the video available for use elsewhere? – we’d love to play it in church if possible….


    Thanks :o )